VieVU - Wearable Camera Solution

VieVU – Designed for Law Enforcement Agencies

VIEVU engages in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of wearable video cameras for the worldwide law enforcement market. VIEVU has distributed its products throughout the U.S. and has been deployed in over 2,300 law enforcement agencies. Currently, VIEVU solutions are being used in 15 countries. VIEVU cameras come with video file management software, named VERIPATROL, which provides a chain of custody for secure video files and documents their authenticity for later use in court.



VieVu Wearable CameraThe wearable cameras offer limitless range and recording capabilities for every type of incident since the cameras are worn directly on the uniform. Law enforcement agencies report similar benefits to the in-car systems only on a colossal scale. Agencies have reported drastic reductions in total complaints against officers, some to zero; prosecution rates continue to soar while plea deals pervade the court systems. Considerably less money is spent on prosecution and officer overtime, while officers are afforded more time of the streets and in the communities. The most profound benefit to this type of technology is the insight into critical incidents. Critical incidents may offer the greatest reason for deploying body worn video. There have been numerous reports by agencies that the video captured by their officers during critical incidents have revealed the most accurate information to date. Offering factual accuracy and dismissing erroneous “eye-witness” accounts top the reasons for deploying body worn cameras. These videos offer the only foil against the staggering monetary lawsuits brought against law enforcement agencies nationwide.

VieVu LE2 Camera

PVR-LE2 Camera

The PVR-LE2 is the second generation wearable video camera manufactured by VIEVU. The PVR-LE2 is a small, lightweight, self-contained video recorder. The camera eliminates the need for separate recorders, batteries, or cables and can easily be worn on the uniform. The LE2 contains one moving part (the on/off switch) and was designed to be easily activated with gross motor skills.



Car Kit

The Car Kit is a suction-cup mounted adjustable arm that can be used to attach a PVR-LE2 camera to any nonporous surface. The Car Kit comes with a suction cup holder, USB cable and 12V car adapter that enables the user to attach the camera and record or charge the camera from inside a car. The Car Kit easily attaches to the window and can swivel to allow recording inside or outside the vehicle. The Car Kit can also attach to a nonporous desktop surface at various viewing angles to record interviews, depositions or other work processes.


VERIPATROL Management System

VERIPATROL is a fully network capable software system that allows for the retrieval, storage and management of video files for the PVR-LE2 camera. A customizable retention period automatically removes unwanted videos to ensure that the storage location does not exceed maximum capacity. Videos may be marked to be saved and held electronically for an indefinite period of time.

To download videos from a PVR-LE2, the user simply connects the camera to the computer, launches the VERIPATROL Client application, enters their unique login ID and password and clicks download, VERIPATROL handles the rest. The software downloads the videos and when completed, clears the camera memory so it is ready to record again.

Administrators have access to search for videos by officer or date & time. They may review and make copies of video files as needed. Each time an administrative task is preformed, such as copying or deleting a video, the database log records the date, time, user ID and purpose for accountability.

VERIPATROL includes the VidLock Security Suite. VidLock includes several layers of security protection to ensure chain of custody and evidence protection. Once a camera has been paired with an installation, the videos can only be downloaded to your installation. If the camera were to be lost or stolen, the video files cannot be accessed by anyone else.

VERIPATROL is a non-licensed system. The use of the VERIPATROL system and all future updates are provided free of charge.

Video Security

VERIPATROL and the PVR-LE2 cameras employ several layers of security to prevent unauthorized access or manipulation of video files. VERIPATROL is FIPS 140-2 level 1 compliant. The PVR-LE2 camera has no removable media that prevents unwanted access to the video files stored on the camera. The PVR-LE2 camera utilizes a SHA cryptographic hash digital certificate to ensure the video integrity has not been compromised during the transfer. Listed below are key security points that highlight the relationship between the PVR-LE2 cameras to the VERIPATROL management system:

  • Video files recorded on the LE series of cameras can only be downloaded with the VERIPATROL management system.
  • Video files uploaded from the client application are sent to the server using existing network security protocols and connections.
  • Access to the video file storage location is secured using windows NTFS file security.
  • Video files are masked with a GUID to prevent identification of the video files and their contents by a systems administrator with access to the file storage location.
  • All video files recorded on the PVR-LE2 cameras are marked with a SHA cryptographic hash digital certificate to ensure the video integrity has not been compromised during the transfer from the camera to VERIPATROL. This cryptographic hash function was designed by the National Security Agency (NSA).
  • Chain of custody is maintained by the digital signature process which prevents individuals from altering, editing or otherwise modifying any segment of video files.
  • Video Files can only be deleted by a System Administrator.
  • A Master Log documents all activities associated with each file.
  • All video files recorded on the LE series cameras are time stamped with date and time in GMT. The date and time stamp cannot be changed.


      The VERIPATROL system allows for the creation of individual user login accounts and security levels to prevent unauthorized access through the application. All video files stored in the VERIPATROL management system use a GUID mask to prevent identification of the video files and their contents by a system administrator with direct access to the file storage location.