Ensure your mobile workers are connected, responsive, and use the best and most advanced solutions available today. And do it for the lowest cost possible.

Bee Networx solutions are transforming mobile data communication with new technology for the management and transmission of bulk data to and from mobile devices.  Together with our select industry partners, we are creating truly advanced, best in class, mobile worker solutions.


Integrating our proprietary LinkPro technology with any mobile solution provides unprecedented capabilities to capture and manage vast amounts of field data with ease and no additional network cost.  As a result, new product features, unmatched by competition are created.  LinkPro technology is especially benefitial when enhancing existing mobile applications with rich content such as video and images, or when adding mapping and GIS functionalities.

Our combined technologies reduce the TCO of your mobile devices and the applications that drive them, while increasing mobile worker productivity.

  • Improve the effectiveness of your field operations
  • Simplify tasks and improve mobile worker productivity
  • Service more customers per day
  • Create new business processes to further improve the quality of your field services
  • Ensure compliance with SOX security and privacy regulations
BeeNet Solutions

BeeNet Solutions has a sole mandate to collaborate with our partners, marketing these advanced solutions in Canada and globally.  Our solutions are simple to implement, monitor and manage. We provide training and set-up.  Our objective is for users to attain measurable results quickly, and with no interruption to their existing workflows.

In this section, we introduce the solutions we market together with our industry partners.