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Smart data routing solution delivers unprecedented cost savings to enterprise organizations with mobile work forces

TORONTO, CANADA, DECEMBER 16th, 2009   Bee Networx (formerly Astilbe Networks) announces the launch of its flagship proprietary software solution, LinkPro.  LinkPro is a solution that intelligently and non-obtrusively routes data to and from mobile applications over multiple network interfaces.
“Residing on the mobile device, our proprietary software works with our customers’ business and administrative applications to reduce operational expenses, boost field worker productivity, and improve existing business processes by optimizing network connections and data management,” says President and Chief Executive Officer, Andrey J. Szpynda. “With LinkPro, our customers can determine when and how to send their data, by prioritizing data delivery and leveraging free networks like WiFi, when available and appropriate. With LinkPro, it’s the customer who decides what data to pay for, not their carrier.”

LinkPro allows organizations with mobile work forces to:

  • Dramatically reduce data costs — even in the case of unlimited data plans;
  • Add rich-media content — like high definition images — at no additional data cost
  • Optimize data transfer speeds
  • Simplify tasks and increase field worker productivity — eliminate and streamline user interaction with mobile devices
  • Lower operating expenses — leverage LinkPro’s data management capabilities to create new business processes, incorporating rich data content
  • Improve data security — without complex VPNs. LinkPro provides mobile data security with identification/authentication, encryption, and compression.
  • Extend battery life — leverage LinkPro’s cost-saving power management capabilities.
  • With LinkPro, several software elements work together to allow mobile devices to seamlessly manage data for legacy server applications on the Internet using one or more wireless network technologies despite mobility and disconnection.  Unlike any other data routing technology, LinkPro allows the user to specify network preference based on business objectives and application-driven policies.
    Based on user-defined rules, the system automatically detects the presence of a wireless network and determines whether it should use this connection to send or receive data, and if so, which data it should send or receive, balancing the cost of using the connection with the benefit from the actual communication. Network usage is coordinated dynamically based on continuously changing user priorities and available networks.  Multiple networks can be used in parallel, and network usage can be scheduled in advance.  Currently LinkPro is available in the Windows mobile environment – the most commonly used system for enterprise applications outside of email.

    About Bee Networx

    Bee Networx is a system software company that is transforming mobile data communication with new technology for the management and transmission of bulk data to and from mobile devices.  Our proprietary technology is based on a game-changing new protocol developed at the University of Waterloo, Canada, that delivers seamless, cost-effective connectivity, unprecedented session persistence, and improved performance.
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